About Marie Monville

I’m a wife to Dan, and mom to six amazing kid- Abigail, Bryce, Carson, DJ, Nicole, and Lungelo.  I’m a speaker/author.  I like order but have learned to love the chaos and spontaneity that accompanies our days. I’m living out my life-long dream of being a wife and mom, it just didn’t happen the way I planned.  God’s redemption, the seeds of hope within, continually spring forth with vibrant beauty from the ashes of my life.

My first husband was the man who committed the Amish schoolhouse shooting, in an instant, my life changed, throwing me into the swirling storm of a terrifying hurricane.  Within the eye of the storm, the presence of God came and settled upon me.  Although I “knew” God all my life, this moment of desperation propelled me to now KNOW him like never before.

I would love to share my journey with you, it’s remarkable!  God is the lover of my soul and the one who releases the oil of joy for a spirit of heaviness. He loves you like that too.  He’s got great stuff in store for your life, regardless of what it looks like now, he is the brilliant creator who fashions breathtaking masterpieces from brokenness.

Watch my video testimony~


11 thoughts on “About Marie Monville

  1. Dear Marie,

    I can’t remember when I ast read something that touched my heart as your story has. I feel the pain you had as I had lost two children in early pregnancy. But my heart rejoices knowing you had the guidance and special touch of the Lord.

    God Bless You!!!!!


    Aunt Dolly

  2. Thank you and Rita for an incredible weekend!… it was God reaching his hand out for me AGAIN…and me taking it and being so hungry for His word!…I fell asleep w/ Rita’s music in my head and your quiet spirit in my heart!… thank you…

  3. Dear Marie, I absolutely love the way you expressed yourself about God’s love and redemption. Your words are beautifully spoken and written. I’m so glad that you leaned on God to find your way. I believe in God and I love him too. I know he is real.

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your writings. It is such a blessing to see how God has really brought beauty out of ashes in your life and how He will use it to help many others in the years to come.

  5. Today is the day, seven years ago that life changed for us. But nothing compared to yours. Our church has a small church school. The news of Nickel Mines resonated in our heads. If it happened there it could happen to us. Procedures changed. But so did our hearts. Because we use an Anabaptist curriculum, this caught our attention more than most communities immediately, for me personally I immediately thought of you and your children. I loved someone who committed a crime that caused people to look at me and my family as a guilty persons, when I had nothing to do with anything other than loving the redeemed man. I was able to see his importance to the Lord. I didn’t want to see society treat you and your kids as guilty people. I prayed for you and your children immediately, intensely and through the years. Of course the forgiveness that hit the news by the Amish was intriguing and life changing for us as well. Who couldn’t be impacted by this story on so many levels. The greatest revelation to me was God showing me that Charlie was just as loved by Him as the victims were. It doesn’t negate his crime (or had he of chosen to live – consequences required for his actions), or never the pain he was responsible for BUT RATHER to simply say that Gods love included Charlie. So many chains fell off of my heart seven years ago. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your life. Opening up is always a risk. Not opening open always deprives others of understanding what a wonderful and loving Heavenly Father is able to do. Healing is that total peaceful surrender to be content despite our circumstances and see what He does with it. Thank you for displaying healing and wholeness. It the testimony HE deserves.

  6. Hi Sister in Christ Jesus Marie, After seeing the Video on the 700 Club today, I cried when I watched it. I bought your Book also, because I am a Very Conservative Christian Patriot in the USA, well in Northern, Oregon. Yes, God can heal pain even when we don’t see it. God Bless you Marie and your Happy Family and Friends!

    I say this at my Blog, Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, No one comes unto the Father, but through Me ( Jesus Christ )!! ( John 14:6 )! Jesus Commanded us to Love one Another in Peace!

    Love In Jesus, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  7. Marie,
    I have just finished your sad but beautiful story. You are a true inspiration. You have taught me so much about faith and trust and believing in our God to pull us through all things. What a remarkable women you are, and I am so thankful you have followed God’s leading in your life to tell your story. God Bless you!
    In Christ,

  8. So neat to hear from another faithful and desperate prayer who believes God can truly change a situation and do great things. I would love to meet you for coffee sometime and share my story – feel like we are the best and closest of friends at heart. Have never heard someone speak the words that I think all the time and have lived out. Others have laughed at me and have doubted that God could be so real. I have done the exact same thing in Target and have had a similar experience of how God has met you in the moment to confirm what you are thinking. Same, too, with your rainbow confirmation – pls. God, I need you to confirm what you are telling me. So neat. You have greatly encouraged me in my present difficult circumstances and have reminded me of all the years where I have faithfully trusted God to raise up a godly seed and to create a whole new healthy family line. Thank you for being real and candid.

  9. I was so inspired by your story Marie. I have passed the books on to friends. I have read it twice and continue to see God in areas I missed.How real!!

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