How Did I Get Here?

Have you ever looked at your life and tried to figure out how the plans you thought were taking you in one direction suddenly ended up somewhere you never envisioned?  I have.  And I didn’t see it coming. On October 2, 2006, my life changed.  My husband and I were married almost 10 years.  I … More How Did I Get Here?

To Help You Heal

Life is hard. We all find ourselves up against “it”. There are lots of things. A family member is diagnosed with cancer. Your child tells you that they were sexually assaulted. Your spouse leaves. Your kids are bullied. You are bullied (because let’s be honest, it happens to adults). Your dreams fall apart. You lose … More To Help You Heal

The Grief Train

A freight train ran over me last week.  I saw it in the distance and tried to tell myself that we weren’t on the same track.  I wanted to deny the potential of what was looming on the horizon line.  I wanted to turn the other way so I couldn’t see the puffs of steam … More The Grief Train

I’m Thankful

I’ve been thinking a lot about “Thanksgiving” in the past week and the many things I’m thankful for, and even things I’m not.  I’ve mulled over this post a couple times in my brain and am finally getting it down on “paper”. There are many circumstances in my life that I’m not thankful for (in … More I’m Thankful