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  1. Marie, I didn’t know you or your children existed. I remember hearing about the shooting but I don’t remember if the media or I just focused on the lives that were lost and not on the lives that were forever changed. I just read an article about your book and immediately suspected it was a money opportunity. When I read your blog it was quite obvious that in fact it was not about money but about your surrender, hope, and strength in the Lord. In your video you mentioned that you had two choices, one of which was to choose to no longer believe in all that you were taught about the Lord and His goodness. I was faced with a similar choice several years ago. God in His unending mercy brought me back to Him and didn’t let me let go of Him. I’m so overjoyed to know that He did the same for you and your children. May God continue to strengthen you and your children and may He continue to pour more light into your lives so that the good memories and moments outnumber the bad ones.
    With all my faith and love,
    Rebecca M.

  2. Marie, I just watched your little 4 minute video and I was blessed and moved to tears. What a beautiful message you have!! It’s one our world needs to hear. You give HOPE. You don’t embrace the “victim status”, but you move on no matter what. If we have the Lord, that is all that really matters. You said it well. I am blessed to have learned about your message. God BLESS YOU!!Sally Meyers

  3. God has given you a life message, Marie. I am so glad you’re sharing it. I know that lives will be touched and changed by the testimony of His grace in your book. I’ll be praying for you next week when you go to NYC.
    Love, Ginny

  4. You’re book is sooo good. I downloaded it on Monday and have been so encouraged reading it. It is like a mini revival! Thank you for sharing what the Lord has taught you. You are being used by Him in ways you will never know. : )
    I just wanted to let you know right away how amazing He shines through your writing! Thanks again!

  5. I just finished reading “One Light Still Shines”. I’ve now bought additional copies and given them to the members of our small group at church. I told them that this story will grip your heart and confirm once again the TRUTH of God’s amazing love and grace. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

  6. I was in “Dieners Restaurant” waiting to be seated and glancing a rack of books for sale. A lady said to me “If you haven’t read this book you must buy it and get yourself a box of tissues.” I am not a big reader but I bought the book “One Light Still Shines” and was saddened for Marie, her children, and all the Amish families but so lifted up with her FAITH and GOD’S GRACE. I started reading the book and grabbed a receipt in a shopping bag to use as my bookmark. It was from “Good’s Store” and had this Bible verse printed on it, “Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee….
    Isaiah 41:10 God is so good! Thank you for sharing this story.

  7. Marie, I just finished your book this morning, and may I say, our Lord God shone through your pages. Your book blessed me and encouraged me and touvhed my heart so deeply. I will pray for you and your wonderful family every night, that His light never goes out in your lives. God bless and keep you. I am also going to buy copies for my sisters and my best friends. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Debbie Rhoades

  8. I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it so much. I cried over God’s great mercy and provision for you; I cried over truths that He taught you and I cried tears of joy when God brought you another spouse and family. Thank you for sharing your story with the world and especially with me.

  9. Ms Monville. My wife dragged me to your talk on Saturday, May 23d as I had plans to get some other things done. I was blown away by your talk. I was in third pew, to your right front, chubby 70ish with short white beard. I bought your book and finished it Sunday night. I’ve never read a better tutorial on Grace. It struck me that many Christians have a relationship with Christ. And many began that relationship as a youngster as you did. But it seemed a striking difference to me that you have cultivated the skill of listening to God much better that most of us ever do. So you hear His messages. And you’re able to take them into your heart. It was a huge lesson for me and my wife and I have already discussed that point a couple times and we did so again with our pastor Sunday in our Bible class. Thank you for your faith and strength to share your story. Bless you and Dan and your family and may you continue to share more stories of love, faith, and grace in a future work now that many of us see you as a teacher and commentator.

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