To Help You Heal

Life is hard. We all find ourselves up against “it”. There are lots of things. A family member is diagnosed with cancer. Your child tells you that they were sexually assaulted. Your spouse leaves. Your kids are bullied. You are bullied (because let’s be honest, it happens to adults). Your dreams fall apart. You lose … More To Help You Heal


On May 28th, a 4-year-old boy crossed the barrier and fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The gorilla was violently dragging and throwing the child. The Zoo’s Dangerous Animal Response Team made the difficult decision to put the gorilla down to save the child. I’m sure you’ve heard the outcry. Obviously it … More Outrageous

A Day for Celebration

Everyday.  To me, celebration is necessary.  It is relevant, and it inspires.  When I’m looking for a reason to celebrate, then I will surely find one.  Some days the celebrations are obvious, some days they are hidden.  Regardless, there is something worth celebrating every single day. Look for it.  Seek it out.  On the gray … More A Day for Celebration